Matt Greenwell, Collaborative Partner


Matt’s been here from the very start – and actually, a good while before that. He connected with Paul in 1998, shortly after he moved to Chattanooga to teach graphic design at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Friendship turned into formal collaboration, and the rest is history.

As a young(er) designer, Matt approached projects as an opportunity to create clarity in the world, to help people understand each other better. But experience has taught him that clarity and complexity aren’t mutually exclusive; that design can be a way to address complexity, without deconstructing it.

Matt’s an enthusiastic collaborator, and when he jumps in on a project, he serves as a constant reminder that we don’t have to choose between our left and right brain – because he leads with both. A self-described sci-fi nerd and a lover of mechanics, he appreciates both the art and the science of design. Always, you can find him fiddling and fixing, recreating and redefining – from old motorcycles to old logos (and a lot of things in between).

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