John Le, Designer


From the small town of Kongsvinger, Norway to Chattanooga, Tennessee John has the advantage of an international perspective on life. Speaking three languages by the age of 11, he gained an acute understanding of how people communicate. He attributes the process of becoming an American for igniting his passion for design. Faced with assimilating to American culture without speaking English, he looked at typography, advertising, and other imagery only on a visual level, and developed an interest of why things look the way they do.

John earned his B.F.A In graphic design from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Outside of Widgets, he has an active critical art practice. His work has been exhibited internationally from Tokyo, Japan to middle of nowhere Winchester, TN. 


partial CLIENT LIST: BAR Architects, Kenny's, J+J Flooring, Adams LITHOGRAPHING, ef contract, Playcraft, Chattanooga Football Club, The Blue Plate, local 191